No Name Beach Party – Sunday, August 10

Take your boat or get a ride on one and join us at No Name Beach on Sunday August 10. The party will begin around 4 P.M. and continue until about 7 P.M. We’re hoping to have a free beer keg, food (hamburgers and hot dogs, etc.) for sale, music and even a tent. Bring your beach chairs or a blanket. Come as early as you want and stay as long as you like.

On August 10, there will be an extreme low tide at 2:17 P.M. (about 8 or 10 inches below mean low). However, by 4 P.M. the incoming tide will be up about a foot above mean low, and it will continue to rise until 8:39 P.M. (High tide will be about 6.5 feet above mean low.). (These are the tides for Fort Johnson.)

Does anyone have a grill that we can use on the beach? It can be charcoal or propane gas. If it’s large, we’ll also need a way to get it to the beach. We’ll also need some volunteers to help with the grilling.

Please let me know if you can help with the grill or the grilling. ( or home phone 843-559-3178)

Watch the Main Sail for more information as we get closer August 10.

Bob Kelley
Fleet Captain

2014 Open Regatta Results

The Women’s Award is presented to an outstanding female sailor in the Charleston area that displays skill, sportsmanship and character on and off the water and serves as a role model for younger female sailors.  Congratulations to this year’s recipient Lauren Hamm

And congratulations to Mike Palazzo the winner of the The George Lockwood Trophy which is  given to an active racing sailor from the Chas. Yacht Club, who best exemplifies the combination of the passion and dedication to the sport of sailing including its organization and administration.

2014 Regatta Results

Drone copy
A Drone’s View of

the 420 and Opti Starts
he J24s

Open Regatta 2014

A Very Special Thanks to our 2014 Regatta Supporters that Help put our Regatta over the Top!


Anne M. Poulnot
Bev Marshall & Ms. Willa Grove
Bill Ellis
Capers Poulnot & Wife Sandra
Carlton Poulnot
Charlie Barnett
Chris Smith
Crisp McDonald & Colleen
Don Michael
Douglas Boyce
Hershal Lantz & Becky
Jerry Marterer
Joe Wilson & Ruth
John Howe
Keith Gannett
Malcolm Swan
Rober Aymar
Robert E. Baxter, CLU, ChFC
Brian & Lyn Swan aka. “Commodore & Olive!”
Jan & Gavin Broadus
Ted King
Fletcher Meyers
Fred Kinard


AZURA [ ChYC Member Jamie Walker & wife Jenny]
Central Vacuum Systems [ ChYC Members Mark Rudder & Tony Ward]
Charleston Endodontic [ChYC Member Ken King]
Charleston ENT [ Willy Schweinzpheir]
Hoffman & Hoffman CPA [ChYC Member Brandon Hoffman]
Lesemann Insurance Agency [ChYC Member Bill Lesemann]
Marina Variety Store [ChYC Member Mike Altine]
Martschink Realty Company [ChYC Mbrs. Fred & Miles Martschink]
Overhead Door Company [ChYC Member Russell Smith]
Sadler and Hamm [ChYC Member Ryan Hamm]
SAYRE Sailing [John Sayre]
Threads, LLC [ChYC Member Bill Rembold]
UK Sailmakers of Charleston [ChYC Member Tripp Fellabom]