Charleston Yacht Club Members share their very first memories of the Club.

First memory of CHYC was super-friendly: JR telling us about the club on our first house-hunting trip to Charleston. We got the membership application and joined before we even moved to Mt. Pleasant. Our first few activities were great! Tony and Boo Ward welcomed us at the door and had us join them at their table. Dave & Barbara Fromholz snagged us at the next event, and we knew we had a new circle of friends. Great folks, great fun!!

Bill Flack

In 2004, Beth and I had many friends who were members of the ChYC, and we had considered joining for quite a while. However, we hadn’t made a final decision. Our good friend, Keith Gannett (who is probably one of the world’s best salesmen), invited us to attend a members dinner on a Tuesday night and assured us there would be no pressure whatsoever to join. When we arrived we were seated at a table with Keith and Lynn and many other friends, including Brian and Bridget Hill. Of course, toward the end of the evening every one of them and many seated at other tables asked if we were going to join the club. No pressure at all… just a dozen or more “friendly” invitations. Ha! (I think they had already filled out the application…)

Bob Kelley

My first memory of ChYC was 1985, and I went into the old Yacht Club which used to sit on the dock on a bunch of pilings. The first thing I noticed was the front door had a reverse glass or Mirror. This meant that the members inside could see who was buzzing the bell to be let in. The person on the outside was staring at a Mirror and some would sit inside and laugh over whether to let the person in or not. It was a great old bones kind of club, perfect for hopping off your boat and grabbing a beer. The old club was not there long as the members were having the present club designed and built. I also remember you could see between the floorboards in the ladies bathroom which was over the water. We were always scared that floor might have given in any minute!

Tina Doscher

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