The Charleston Yacht Club Auxiliary

Since 1934
The purpose of the Auxiliary shall be to assist, in any way possible, the officers and committee chairs of our affiliate, the Charleston Yacht Club. Membership in the Charleston Yacht Club Auxiliary shall be as stated in Article V, “Support Groups” of the Charleston Yacht Club Constitution and by-laws which reads: “In order to be a member of the Auxiliary, you must be a spouse of a current Charleston Yacht Club member in good standing.”

The Auxiliary was organized in 1934 after the Charleston Yacht Club was formed. The auxiliary has supported and assisted the club in its’ principles of maintaining a strong commitment to all forms of boating both in the club and in the community.


The Auxiliary helped to furnish and refurbish the clubhouse with improvements such as hardwood flooring in the meeting rooms, fine china embellished with the Club burgee, Club flatware, new refrigerators and freezers and many other donations. The Auxiliary supports the annual Regatta assuming responsibility for the both the preparation and sale of food and regatta T-shirts. The Christmas Party and many other fun events in the year are hosted by the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary has a monthly dinner meeting-sometimes with programs or a special theme-but always with good fellowship and good food. Membership is accepted at any time during the year and new members are welcome! Membership is for a calendar year with dues established by the Auxiliary Board of Directors and voted on by the Auxiliary membership.

Please click below for our membership application. Contact our Membership Chair for any further questions.   Hope you will join us!

2018 Officers

Jaimie Flack

Recording Secretary
Arlene Worthington

Kathy Pease

Carla Gilman

Vice President
Arlene Worthington

Corresponding Secretary
Judy Lucas

Lacy Terwilliger

Past President
Susan Sanders

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